Pool Steps

Just like with the pool walls, with the same warranty. To us, they're a safe, slip-resistant way in and out of the pool we love. But if you want to get technical, they're part of a "Totally Encapsulated System (TES)".

Full width support overlined by a one-piece molded thermoplastic design.

    • Supports not bolted together or glued onto the treads
    • Plenty of support molded under each tread area
    • Won't become spongy, won't crack or rip
    • Won't delaminate, degrade, splinter, corrode or puncture
    • Patented TES System
    • Each step molded from a solid sheet of co-extruded Luran S with ABS substrate from BASF
    • I-Beam Braces attach to grid support structure
    • Unlimited shapes and styles
    • Non-slip tread surface
    • Concrete bond beams hold everything in place

Then ask your Concord Pools Showcase Builder how the new "Grey Marble" or "Blue Marble" steps can add dimension or color to your pool.

As with other Concord products, Pacific Steps and Braces carry a lifetime, non-prorated, transferrable warranty.

blue marble
french curve
grey marble
inside corner
reverse steps
swim n lounge
tread sit n step
tread straight
wall ladder