Patented I-Beam Brace

Recognized As The Strongest And Most Technologically Advanced Wall And Deck Support In The Industry, The Concord I-Brace Has No Equal!

There are tons of live weight load from the pool deck and surrounding soils, which constantly press down and inward on any pool walls. We knew there was a better way, using modern technology, to distribute this weight, so we took the load off the walls and placed it onto the rock solid, broad shoulders of a series of concrete filled I-beam braces. These I-beam braces surround the perimeter of the pool and the cavern beneath your steps.

Absolutely no weight rests on the pool walls of a Concord I-Beam Pool System. The "live load" is evenly distributed over the entire support system from the braces right down to the concrete footings, as in bridge construction.

It just makes common sense. As you look through our site you will be seeing many award winning swimming pool projects. Please focus your attention on the decking and surrounding areas as much as the pools themselves. These beautiful decks depend on proper support for their durability.

Our patented I-brace system supports your decking from settling and shifting like no other brace in the entire industry.

The I-Brace Will Support Over 10,000 Pounds Of Live - Load Versus Less Than 500 Pounds By Competitive Steel Bracing.

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I-Beam Brace Steel Brace
Live Load Support Over 10,000 Pounds Less Than 500 Pounds
Eliminates Lateral Pressure on Walls (Bowing) YES NO
Transfers All Load to Footing YES NO
Solid Concrete Filled YES NO
Points of Attachments to Pool Wall 6 2
Can Not Rust or Corrode YES NO
Exclusive Availability YES
Only at Concord
Any Pool Company

Full Plate Support

(As in Bridge Design)

True-Box Construction

(Is that not beautiful!)

The Patented Brace

(The Standard of Excellence)

The Patented Brace

(The Standard of Excellence)

Why Buy 1960's Technology?