One-Stop Paradise

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This clean-cut sensation has it all: crystal clear water, roomy deck, elevated spa that spills into the pool, a trio of spillways, and conversation spots galore. Add it all up and you have what every homeowner desires: the perfect backyard.

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One-Stop Paradise

While many builders have showrooms, Concord Pools and Spas offer a dream center. Not only are backyard fantasies created here, but clients can obtain everything they need from a pool and spa to fencing, landscaping, irrigation, and financing. By offering everything in one location, Concord is able to save their clients time and money.

Concord Pools and Spas’ design staff takes great pains to develop vinyl-lined pools that are also artistic marvels. “We use the Graphex I-Brace Pool Systems, which is a resin design that is the most technologically advanced in the industry and is virtually indestructible. The material cannot corrode or physically break down like steel and is the company’s uncompromising choice for withstanding Northeast winters,” says owner Michael Giovanone. “From panels, braces, and steps, to hardware and safety covers, we design our products to ensure a precise fit and a predictable finished pool project.” Concord is able to build almost any pool design imaginable, including those with cantilevered decks, integrated spas, and pools with vanishing edges. “There is nothing we cannot do with a vinyl-lined pool,” Giovanone says.

On the practical side, the company has developed and perfected the use of radiant energy to warm pool water. The system circulates a polyethylene anti-freeze through coils installed in the concrete pool floor, heating the water from the bottom up. The filtration system runs independently from the system, thus saving a great amount of energy.

In 2009, the company was again named Readers’ Choice among pool companies in Saratoga Springs and received top honors from a leading industry trade magazine, including the Master of Designs award and recognition as one of the top 50 builders in the U.S. Concord has been previously honored as the North American Dealer of the Year, and Giovanone has served as a judge for a major trade publication’s master of design competition.

“We are humbled and honored by these prestigious awards and national recognitions,” Giovanone says.